Faster and Easier Aliquoting. No Need to Watch the Lines. More Accurate and Reproducible Than by Eye. MEET THE NEW ali-Q<sup>TM</sup>2 MODELS!

Repeat pipetting plus conventional pipetting with a single 2-in-1 controller.

  • Highly reproducible accuracy with the press of one button
  • Use any size and any brand of serological pipets
  • Plus aspirate and dispense as you’re used to
  • Ideal for cell culture, dispensing media, filling plates, tubes, cryovials, etc.

You asked and we listened! The ali-QTM2 offers more versatility with features to make your work even easier.

New Features of the ali-QTM 2 series:

  • Speed dial for adjustable aliquoting speed (VS model only model)
  • On-board calibration software
  • Removable kickstand
  • Lighter weight
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all 3 models of the ali-qTM2 series
ali-QTM2 LS Low aliquoting speed ali-QTM2 VS Variable aliquoting speed
ali-QTM2ali-QTM2 LS Low aliquoting speedali-QTM2 VS Variable aliquoting speed
VistaLab Catalog No.2100-00052100-00032100-1005
Aliquoting Volume Range0.5 - 5.0 mL0.3 - 3.0 mL0.5 - 5.0 mL
Aliquot Speed Control (Dial)NoNoYes
Aliquoting Speed/ForceHigh (fixed)Low (fixed)Custom adjustable (7 speeds)
On-board Calibration YesYesYes
Removable KickstandYesYesYes
Mfr. Suggested Price$529$529$639

ali-QTM2 accuracy and precision performance specs

When using ali-QTM2 as a conventional pipet controller, the accuracy and precision (CV) is determined by the graduations on the serological pipet used, which are typically ±1-2%, as well as the user’s ability to consistently eyeball the meniscus and control the liquid dispense.

When using ali-QTM2 as an aliquoting pipet controller, accuracy and precision (CV) specifications are as follows:


In our lab, we all experience shoulder and wrist strains and overall tightness in the back and shoulders from using axial pipettes. With the Ovation, though, you don’t have to hold it up very high to clear the test tubes. And the tips fit so well, they’re easy to put on and easy to eject.

Dawn Cherry Dawn Cherry Medical Laboratory Technologist

We have experiments where we must quickly divide a microbial culture into 7 to 10 aliquots for different experimental treatments.
We have students and rotators doing short-term projects in the lab  who have a hard time becoming adept at using the usual electronic pipettors and will waste time pipetting up and down until they get to the correct volume. The ali-Q Pipet Controller eliminates this learning curve for beginners, and makes things easier for veterans in the lab.

John K. Crane, MD, PhD John K. Crane, MD, PhD Division of Infectious Diseases
University at Buffalo
New York